You are benefiting all of us if you are. Did you know that better working environments can reduce absenteeism and could save the economy billions per year?

Recent research has show that the country’s best employers boast a 46% lover rate of absenteeism then the average South African company. If you are happy at work you are healthier, you work more often and longer.

CRF Institute carries out – The Best Employers Certification Index which lists the top employers in various countries across the world,  

 primarily evaluating their performance on their HR policies and practises. Employers with the best HR systems in place are not only more productive and profitable; their rate of absenteeism is nearly half their competitors.

As an absent employee you can cost the South African economy roughly R 12 billion each year. There is so much that could be done with this figure – enough to provide roughly 225 000 additional houses to destitute South Africans. And the list could just go on forever.

Physical Illness is not one of the main reasons to be absent from work anymore, we have rising incidence of stress-related ailments. Employers could reduce such absenteeism by giving employees a working environment they don’t want to avoid, maximising wellbeing and minimising stress.

A lot of companies in South Africa are taking the health and wellbeing of their employees very seriously recently, they know that healthy and well-balanced people are more productive; which is at the end of the day beneficial for the company. It is not just about the mentioned physical health but also few additional services to all employees (financial services, financial fitness, debt rehabilitation services etc.)

Best thing to do is to get certified by CRF Institute .

So Let’s do it, let’s become the best employers out there!