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From the desk of the CEO

At home in Cape Town, the current topic of interest amongst our readership is the recent news regarding the Department of Home Affairs in South Africa? As I indicated in my latest videos some of the key staff at DHA have resigned and high-ranking officials have been changed. We were able to contact the new person in charge of permanent residence and even received a reply! She confirmed........

Industries that offer investment opportunities for start up businesses in Kenya.

Kenya has a wide range of sectors with ready-to-be accessed investment opportunities, including but not limited to, Agriculture and Agribusiness, manufacturing, tourism, infrastructure development, energy, information Communications Technology and Financial Services. If you want to invest and start up your own

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La French Tech

La French Tech is an initiative launched in 2003 by the French government in an effort to transform the digital start-up scene in France into a Digital Republic. By capitalising on new ideas and supporting existing initiatives already led by start-ups, the French government’s ultimate goal is to bolster and expand the start-up scene in France.

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South Africans considered the most restricted travellers in the world.

There are quite some questions around whether you can fly to from and to South Africa, which airlines are still doing their routes and what the quarantine situations are when you arrive in South Africa, or when you fly from South Africa to a different country.

Well,. travel to approximately 120 countries is either completely prohibited or...
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Plenty of opportunities to network if you are an expat in Namibia

One of the first things an individual worry about when moving abroad, is "will I be able to fit in and make friends again" Well, we have some good news for you! When you move to Namibia you will...

What you need to know about being declared an undesirable person (South Africa)

If you have made South Africa your home, whether for a few years or with the intention to stay permanently, one of the worst (immigration) nightmares is the idea of being declared an undesirable person. We understand the fears related to...

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