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State of Emergency extended in Mozambique with 30 days.

The current State of Emergency in Mozambique is supposed to end on June 30. So far, there has been no new announcements by the Government about what measures will put in place from the 1st of July 2020. Our IBN Mozambique office will...

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Namibia’s economic recovery strategies.

The need to craft innovative economic recovery strategies and to remove barriers and regulations that hamper economic growth, has been brought forward in several conversations, but little practical implementation has followed. E-commerce is emerging as one of the key priorities for policymakers in business individuals. In response to COVID-19, online ordering has provided a...

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Reopening of Borders and Immigration Departments in Africa

The question from employers and individuals at present is when will the borders and immigration offices reopen? Considering the above, we decided to provide information about what is happening within the African continent below...

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Podcast: Issues affecting expats working in South Africa

​Expats working in South Africa raise a myriad of complexities related to immigration, labour law and tax which employers and employees will need to understand. Webber Wentzel and IBN Immigration Solutions have partnered together to help provide some clarity on some of the key issues which arise. The podcast is broken into three parts...

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From the desk of the CEO

Another month has passed without any significant changes here in South Africa. After my political contribution last month, I am excited to update you, in this edition, on what is keeping us busy at IBN. We have been using the past few weeks to address important internal matters. I have to say that my team is really trying hard to implement these measures. During April and May most of our staff had minimal hours. Unfortunately, this month, we were forced...

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Covid-19 crisis – Comparison of policies and measures between the Netherlands and South Africa

As a Dutch national raised the Netherlands, who has lived in South Africa for close to 15 years, it is always interesting to compare the two countries and how problems are dealt with. The corona pandemic creates a unique global challenge affecting every country. During my life-time I cannot recall any global event affecting the entire world the way the current pandemic does. Since the Netherlands and South Africa are both severely affected...

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