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Repatriation Flights: Frankfurt to Johannesburg August/September/October 2020

A seamless routine has been established in managing and administering the flights. This initiative will continue during the course of August with two other repatriation flights planned for: 12 August and 26 August 2020. More Lufthansa repatriation flights are planned for the months of September and October, provided that...

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How to live in Europe with a South African Passport?

South Africans increasingly have an interest in obtaining a second nationality. Either to permanently relocate or simply as an option if things do not work out in South Africa or to be able to offer their children an alternative. European countries tend to be particularly popular. Free quality education, low crime rates and strong social security systems are among the main reasons for wanting to relocate. What a lot of South Africans are not aware of is that some European countries...

Namibia – Opportunities for International Investors.

During the past few weeks, this picture would have looked quite differently if you had to describe it as the country was covered in a blanket of freezing temperatures and heavy rain. A cold front from the South Atlantic Ocean continued to bring cold weather and rainfall in various regions across the country. The cold front lasted for almost a week with freezing temperatures in the South West areas in Namibia. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a severe impact on human mobility.

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From the desk of the CEO

The importance of tourism is evident with plenty of guesthouses available. During our two nights stay only one restaurant and one café was open. The restaurant “The Rude Chef served the most amazing food, trust me, and remained opened for 3 hours in the evening serving Merlot and Sauvignon Rose and a very interesting, strong tea. The café was only open in the afternoon.  From the approximately 20 guest houses on offer, only two were open. On our way back...

Mozambique: COVID-19 and Level-3 State of Emergency

Country-Specific Information As of July 28, 2020, Mozambique has 1,720 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 602 in which the patients have recovered, and 11 deaths. Mozambique’s civil aviation authority has suspended international passenger flights.
The Mozambican Government announced a continuation of the Level-3 State of Emergency until...

Exciting news for Kenya

Good news for Kenya! International travel will resume on the 1st of August 2020. There is no need to be quarantined once you have entered Kenya. It is however mandatory that any individual who enters the country should have a valid...

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