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Exxon and Total in talks over Mozambique LNG resource-sharing deal – sources

ExxonMobil and Total are in negotiations over their massive LNG projects in Mozambique, with each seeking to extract more gas from a shared field that straddles the two developments and cut costs, three sources familiar with the matter told Reuters. The talks between the energy majors also...

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How to obtain an employment permit in Namibia!

If you are a foreign National and would like to work and live in Namibia for a period of 6 months and longer, the information below is relevant to you. A Namibian employment permit gives you the permission to enter and stay in Namibia for the purposes of working and earning a salary. It takes the form of an endorsement/stamp in your...

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The impact of Covid-19 on Kenya’s economy.

COVID-19 had a very negative impact on Kenya and its economy for the past months. Ever since the lockdown announcement the country had a lot of people loose their jobs and having to do the necessary to keep their families alive, even if this meant stealing to be able to do this! Even though Covid had a bad impact on the economy, we have a few things to look forward too in 2021. Immigration

  • From 1st January 2021 all...
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IBN assisting with document procurement and legalisation/apostille.

A lot of people do not know this, but IBN can do more than just assist you with your immigration journey. We can also assist you with the document procurement and legalisation/apostille. Document Procurement For purposes of document procurement, we mainly assist with RSA documents, which include, although not limited to the following...

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Impact of lockdown on corporates in South Africa

South Africa was placed in lockdown because of the global covid-19 pandemic on March 26.

A transformation to online selling and remote working was unprecedented, that resulted in questions around security and the need to review processes. Companies now had to consider a different way to...

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Lower Thresholds for Skilled Worker Immigration to the UK

In light of Brexit and the quickly nearing end of the transitional period (31 December 2020), the UK has – has had to, embark on ambitious new immigration system. The government needs to stay true to its promise of...

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