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Employing illegal foreigners

Employing illegal foreigners Everybody is doing it, some get away with it, but as much as it is common practice, it is against the law and can carry hefty penalties. We are talking about employing foreigners without the correct permit. The problem is less common in corporate life, and in hospitality, most senior hotel staff members, such as directors, chefs and front of house, are normally taken care of.

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Young Cape Town entrepreneurs are amongst the most influential ones of the continent

Young Cape Town entrepreneurs are amongst the most influential ones of the continent Forbes released a list of “30 Africans under the age of 30 who are making the most dramatic impact across the continent”. Seven of them are from South Africa and five from Cape Town. On the 11th of June 2013 the city organised an event in their honour to thank them for the positive economic influence and the creation of much-needed jobs.

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Issuing of new ID-cards from July on

Issuing of new ID-cards from July on Minister of Home Affairs Naledi Pandor announced that the green barcode ID-books will be replaced by smart card IDs from July on. Naledi Pandor helself got her own smart card, the first one issued in South Africa, in the beginning of June. From July on first new applicants and persons who need re-issuing will be provided with the document. Initially thesmart IDs will be issued at three offices in each province: 27 Home Affairs offices in the whole country.

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Permanent Residence Permits – 2012’s numbers

Permanent Residence Permits – 2012’s numbers In contrast to 141.550 issued temporary residence permits only 1.283 permanent residence permits (PRP) were issued in 2012. The biggest group was the relatives’ permit that came up for almost 50% with 640 permits issued. This was followed by work (441) and business permits (94) as well as permits for retired persons (58) and refugees (50). The top eight countries of PRP-recipients were Zimbabwe (19,6%), UK (11%), Congo (7%), China (6,9%), India (5,9%), Germany (5,1%), Nigeria (4,7%) and DRC (3,4%).