A Premium visa for a Premium lifestyle

The international tourist industry has been affected by Covid, and countries have since tried to open alternative avenues to bring foreigners to their borders. There are about 20 countries who have implemented some form of remote-work visa, to allow applicants to explore other countries, without having to go through the rigorous process to obtain a long-term permit.  

Mauritius Family Occupation Permit – Video

Andreas Krensel offers the latest Immigration Updates on the Mauritius Family Occupation Permit.

Mozambique Minimum wage linked to Government fees

Short term and Long term Work Permits are subject to the payment of a Government fee, which is linked to...


We all hear people saying “this is just the new normal” a million times a day, and this just begs the question...

Digital nomads: Africa might just be the perfect playground

With the Covid-19, remote working has become increasingly popular...

Corporate Immigration Case Study – Energy Industry – South Africa

This Corporate Immigration Case Study is on a company that specialises in wind turbine installation and maintenance, photovoltaic plants, as well as electrical installation in buildings and industrial plants. They have their main headquarters in Spain and offer industrial electrical services for energy related sectors in all parts of the world.

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