Visas needed to explore and expand commercial opportunities abroad – the World within reach

Many professionals recognize the opportunities on the other side of the South African border. Potential green(er) pastures spotted abroad must be explored. At IBN we continuously meet with and assist enterprises aiming to expand their footprint from South Africa to anywhere else on the globe.

africaDue to our strategic location in Johannesburg we mostly get to service South African companies / multinationals with their regional headquarters in Gauteng, looking to engage in business elsewhere in the region. Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and Mozambique are popular destinations.

Of course Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire, Kenya and Ghana, although not within the Southern African region, are also greatly in demand. Even the rest of the world is not beyond reach; also for non-African countries checklists of the the necessary documentation to enter and engage in the activities desired can be arranged by us.

When planning a business trip, excited about the opportunities, unsure of the trustworthiness of newly approached partners and clashing cultures, there is plenty to think about. When so many things are happening applying for the necessary visa tends to not be timely listed as one of the priorities.

IBN can take the hassle away and facilitate the process of obtaining a business visa for you, momentarily we can submit on your behalf at almost all embassies and consulates. Templates for sending and invitation letters will be provided along with a clear checklist including all that we would need to get you the required entry documents.

Thus when contracting IBN services you will be requested to provide a number of documents and place a signature here and there, during the rest of the process you can sit back, focus on your core activities, and expect our courier to timely deliver your passport including required visa.

N.B. A clear distinction between a business visa and authorization to work (whether in the form of a short term work permit, long term work permit or investor’s permit) must be made.

Business visas are traditionally issued to travelers aiming to prospect professional opportunities, attend seminars & networking events and engage in business meetings. In most countries in Southern Africa additional, separate authorization to work must be obtained.

Our guidance is useful from the initial consultation on the best sort of visa to apply for to assistance with the practical application process. Our expertise is deepest in Southern Africa, for countries in the SADC region we focus on obtaining actual work permits and investor visas, both long and short term.

This ensures that you can execute the work discussed during the initial business visit, on the business visa, and obtain the work authorization to move to the next phase.



by Job Feenstra