State of Emergency extended in Mozambique with 30 days.

The current State of Emergency in Mozambique is supposed to end on June 30. So far, there has been no new announcements by the Government about what measures will put in place from the 1st of July 2020. Our IBN Mozambique office will...

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Namibia’s economic recovery strategies.

The need to craft innovative economic recovery strategies and to remove barriers and regulations that hamper economic growth, has been brought forward in several conversations, but little practical implementation has followed. E-commerce is emerging as one of the key priorities for policymakers in business individuals. In response to COVID-19, online ordering has provided a...

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Namibia – Current Affairs

Namibia is moving from Stage One to Stage Two, with the exception of Walvis Bay going back to stage one, as part of the post-lockdown strategies. This means resuming domestic travel and all economic activities where effective social distancing can be enforced. Many businesses will also be allowed to reopen under new health measures, including shopping malls, retail stores, restaurants, hairdressers and barbers. Once the virus resolves, there’s no reason why we cannot return peacefully to...

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Foreigners in limbo about their visa status for South Africa

On 26 March 2020 the South African government published directions in terms of regulations of the Disaster Management act of 2002 as a response to the global covid-19 pandemic. One particular section with severe consequences is section 5 where it stipulates that foreigners with temporary residence for South Africa, but residing in high risk countries as per the date of publication, have their visas revoked. The list of high-risk countries at the time consisted of the USA, UK, South Korea, Italy Iran...

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From the founder’s desk – A personal observation of SA’s lockdown implementation

Over the last two weeks, I have had a couple of very interesting conversations with my friends in Europe and local business owners in South Africa. Their key questions are how I perceive the lock-down, its regulations, implementation and how it makes me feel about South Africa. How do I feel about South Africa? This is a very good question. It has triggered some interesting discussions. For the first time in 20 years, I feel disappointed and I’m questioning  whether South Africa has the capability to tackle its problems.

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Namibian lockdown lifted

The Namibian lockdown has been lifted to STAGE 2.   The past few weeks have been immensely difficult for all Namibians, and individuals who were within Namibian borders!  Luckily, some good news arises, and the country is now in STAGE 2.   This means that the reopening of Namibia will be gradual, under Strict Precautions. These precautions will be in place