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From the desk of the CEO

In the past weeks, I received plenty of messages from clients, thanking me for my candour in our monthly newsletters. I appreciate these kind words as they motivate me to continue in the same vein. Every month I sit in front of a blank screen and try to find the right balance between speaking about politics in South Africa and IBN matters. Many of the people who receive the newsletter, may not have the same interests but a considerable number of them share my personal views. South Africa has moved down to level 2. Our economy is open and nearly

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From the desk of the CEO

The importance of tourism is evident with plenty of guesthouses available. During our two nights stay only one restaurant and one café was open. The restaurant “The Rude Chef served the most amazing food, trust me, and remained opened for 3 hours in the evening serving Merlot and Sauvignon Rose and a very interesting, strong tea. The café was only open in the afternoon.  From the approximately 20 guest houses on offer, only two were open. On our way back...

Foreigners in limbo about their visa status for South Africa

On 26 March 2020 the South African government published directions in terms of regulations of the Disaster Management act of 2002 as a response to the global covid-19 pandemic. One particular section with severe consequences is section 5 where it stipulates that foreigners with temporary residence for South Africa, but residing in high risk countries as per the date of publication, have their visas revoked. The list of high-risk countries at the time consisted of the USA, UK, South Korea, Italy Iran...

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For the future traveler

Covid-19's been having such a severe impact on the world. We witnessed how other countries were infected and the impact it had on them, not realizing that soon it would be something we would face as well. South Africa was in total shock and individuals went into a panic state when President Ramaphosa announced a national disaster and a complete lockdown of the country on 15 March 2020. All our employees were faced with different fears and obstacles. Some had to travel far to go and be with their families who are in ...

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From the founder’s desk – Personal freedom during lockdown and observations on freedom day

After 5 weeks of one of the harshest lockdowns worldwide, South Africa will start opening up to economic activity from 1 May. Although, I was relieved when our president did not extend the hard lockdown in one of his regular TV appearances, I am not sure, if our lives will change at...

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From the founder’s desk – An update on COVID-19

I thought long and hard what to share with you in this edition, could there be anything besides COVID–19 of interest? I could not come up with anything really. However, if you are looking for an overview about the various restrictions in place in some of the major African markets, then please continue reading. In this edition we focus on

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