Eased level 3 lockdown for South Africa

Due to the the decline in Covid-19 transmissions, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced on 1 February 2021 that South Africa’s level 3 lockdown regulations will be relaxed. The President mentioned that the average number of daily infections has almost halved, while the number of hospital admissions has also dropped. While the indicators are pointing in the right direction...

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From the desk of the CEO

2020 is nearly over – hallelujah! It is the time of the year which calls for a brief review of 2020 and peek into what to expect in 2021 . What a year this wasI am certain all of you will concur? Like most of our readers, I personally can do without a repetition of this experience ever again!

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Impact of lockdown on corporates in South Africa

South Africa was placed in lockdown because of the global covid-19 pandemic on March 26.

A transformation to online selling and remote working was unprecedented, that resulted in questions around security and the need to review processes. Companies now had to consider a different way to...

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South Africa puts 59 countries on its ‘banned leisure travel list’

South Africa has anxiously been waiting for this announcement since we moved to LEVEL 1  As an immigration company, the closing of the borders in South Africa resulted in our services coming to a halt and our staff members, like many other South Africans had to make huge compromises. Working remotely was the most unlikely of them.   The immigration, travel and tourism sectors, in general, are very excited about this new development.  After weeks of speculation...

Our new normal – what will change indefinitely?

South Africa will soon be opening its borders to international travelers and dropping some of the harshest lockdown measures taken by any country. Spring is in the air and South Africans are looking forward to enjoying it much more than in the past, given the long winter months stuck at home. With a sense of going back to...

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From the desk of the CEO

In the past weeks, I received plenty of messages from clients, thanking me for my candour in our monthly newsletters. I appreciate these kind words as they motivate me to continue in the same vein. Every month I sit in front of a blank screen and try to find the right balance between speaking about politics in South Africa and IBN matters. Many of the people who receive the newsletter, may not have the same interests but a considerable number of them share my personal views. South Africa has moved down to level 2. Our economy is open and nearly

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