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Six properties that will likely be expropriated first. This is why!

Six properties that will likely be expropriated first. This is why! IBN has been writing articles on landownership since 2003. It is a subject which keeps on coming up. Previously it was always an approach to limit foreign land ownership. This however never got anywhere, as there are very few records in the Deeds Office on foreigners and of course many contribute significantly to the economy, let’s mention foreign car manufacturers who own factories as an example.

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How an ordinary meeting of the Committee on Home Affairs can become part of another reshuffle of the South African cabinet

How an ordinary meeting of the Committee on Home Affairs can become part of another reshuffle of the South African cabinet During our most recent visit to Parliament we witnessed how the Minister of Home Affairs was informed about her new role in the cabinet. We regularly attend Home Affairs portfolio sessions when parliament is in session. They are accessable to the public and often enable us to hear first hand and understand the issues our Ministry of Home Affairs ist struggling with. During such visits it is occasional possible to engage with the Minister or other high-ranking officials.

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A City of golden opportunities for investors – Cllr Herman Mashaba address at AmCham

Our colleague, Hans Kroll, attended yesterdays breakfast at the American Chamber in Johannesburg where the new mayor Herman Mashaba of Johannesburg held an impressive speech. As Hans had the great pleasure to hear the address alone so far, we did not want to keep this great future oriented speech for ourselves and therefore we are sharing this with you : picture credit: Executive Mayor, Cllr Herman Mashaba Address to the American Chamber of Business 4 October 2016   A City of golden opportunities for investors Good morning ladies and gentlemen, I am honoured to be with all of you this morning. Thank you to the American Chamber of Commerce for extending me an invite to speak at this breakfast. Last month I was delighted to meet with US Ambassador to South Africa, Patrick Gaspard at my office. It provided the two of us with an opening to discuss current US investments in our City and for me to also expand on my vision for this City. While it was a courtesy call, it also afforded me the opportunity recommit the City of Joburg to maintaining close ties with the US, and indeed my intention to foster stronger ties and create an environment for increased foreign investment in our City. I was very pleased by Ambassador Gaspard’s positive outlook on South African democracy following the local government elections. […]

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The 2016 Budget Speech

Caught in between multiple demands and constrained resources Pravin Gordhan, the current Minister of Finance, recently delivered his 2016 Budget Speech. While the budget of R1.5-trillion will be the largest ever in the history of South Africa, Mr. Gordhan faced a difficult task in balancing the multiple demands of the various government agencies while dealing with constrained resources. The Treasury currently expects growth in the South African economy to be just 0.9 per cent this year, after 1.3 per cent in 2015. To the most part the Government blames the slow growth on depressed global conditions and the impact of the still ongoing drought in the country. Mr Gordhan laid out the starting point of his task: „We are obliged to confront the impact of slow growth on our public finances, while continuing to respond to the expectations of citizens and communities for improved education, reliable local services and responsive public administration” picture source: and went on to ask: “How does the state deal with such complexity? What should we prioritise?” […]

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President Zuma and the Crisis State of the Nation

“We must continue to market the country as a preferred destination for investments.” In his State of the Nation Address 2016, President Zuma did not only give an overview on his administration’s past policies, but also on his plans to pave the way for South Africa to return to economical prosperity in the future. Hence, the speech bears importance to all foreign nationals willing to invest or do business in South Africa, which can hardly be underestimated. picture source: “If there are any disagreements or problems between us, we should solve them before they escalate.” Nevertheless, the address was embedded in turmoil when members of the EFF and other members of the opposition repeatedly interrupted the delivery of his speech and eventually walked out on Zuma in protest. This is due to the fact that Zuma faces a variety of allegations of which some even stem from a time before he took office as President of South Africa in 2009. The most recent accusation in that long list questions his very competence as President and casts a shadow on his ability to bring stability to the country: […]

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Budget speech 2015

On the 25th of February 2015, the Minister of finance, Mr. Nhanhla Nene delivered the National Budget speech address, which was met with mixed emotions. Some questioned his methods (especially the raising of the fuel levies), while others praise his cautious and somewhat modest approach in these difficult times (himself even jokingly briefing journalists during interviews before the speech that it “would be a boring budget with no big surprises”). Nevertheless, changes were made and tax rates amended. What may be most infamous about the 2015 Budget address is the massive 80.5c increase in fuel levies, which Nene seemed to get away with, understandably due to the big fall in oil prices, consequently also the local fuel prices. […]

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