On the 12 of August 2019, the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration in Namibia has announced and decided to abolish a previous requirement for Holders of Permanent Residence Permit (PRP) regarding re-entry visas:

It was previously required for the Permanent Residence Permit (PRP) to apply for re-entry visas every two years.

In practice this meant that the PRP applicant had to apply every 2 years for a re-entry visa in order to keep the PRP. As this was a tremendous admin effort, that

the Ministry has confirmed that the Re-entry visa is not needed anymore.

The Ministry confirmed with immediate effect, for the permanent residence permit holders (PRP), that no person holding a PRP should be required to apply for Re-Entry visas. The Ministry of Home Affairs also instructed that Border officials are with immediate effect directed to allow the PRP holders to return to Namibia, provided that they have not stayed away for a period exceeding two (2) years on their PRP.

Kindly note that the PRP will therefor lapse for PRP holders if not visiting Namibia once within 2 years.

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