In the beginning of January this year, several companies operating in Mozambique received a surprise visit from the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security. As a result, 12 illegal foreign workers were suspended and the infringing companies were fined.
The inspection operation happened between 4 and 9 January 2018, the main focus were commercial establishments such as construction sites, warehouses, hotels, restaurants, and others.
390 companies were surveyed, totalling 7.624 workers, where 286 were foreigners. The 12 foreigners working illegally in the country were caught in full exercise of their activities.

 Companies hiring foreign nationals illegally were fined in Mozambique

Due to local content laws, Mozambique has very strict hiring policies regarding foreign national workers. The quota regime allows companies to have a share of foreigners, which may equate to 5% to 10% of the number of effective national workers contracted by the employer in the current year.
As recommended by the Regulation Concerning Mechanisms and Procedures for the Hiring of Citizens of Foreign Nationality, approved by Decree 37 of August 31, 2016, “the contracting of foreign citizens is done by means of an application directed to the minister who supervises the area of work or to the entities to whom it delegates.”
The workers and the companies found disobeying the law in Mozambique were sanctioned accordingly.
by Melissa Moses