The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has issued a thorough investigation into the Namibian Home Affairs foreign bank accounts. This investigation was announced after it was brought to the ACC’s attention that money was being paid into foreign bank accounts and not accounted for.

The Namibian, the largest national daily newspaper in Namibia, last week reported that up to N$16,7 million was transferred into five foreign bank accounts and was unaccounted for; this was presented during the 2016/2017 financial year.

Ministry officials have failed to account for the transferring of funds into foreign bank accounts under the pretence that “they have no control over the accounts”. Germany, China and Nigeria are some of the countries where these foreign bank accounts were found.

The visa and permit applications income that was brought in by envoys in foreign countries was not accounted for by ministry officials. According to the ministry’s audited reports, the revenue was received but deposited into the bank accounts of the envoys, and was not documented in the ministry’s books. The money of the visa and permit applications amounted N$2,5 million.

The ACC has issued a statement

The statement says the ministries are to provide affidavits and supporting documents to prove how the money in the foreign accounts was spent.

“It is critical that those entrusted with public money must account for the expenditure of such funds” the ACC said in their statement. The chairperson of the parliamentary committee on public accounts, Mike Kavekotora, will be subpoenaed by the ACC to explain whether or not the report was presented to him and if he took any action.

In closing, these are undocumented public funds that were put in foreign bank accounts with no explanation or clarification which is downright unacceptable. For too long has people in positions of power succumbed to the calamity that is corruption, let’s hope the ACC can make a difference within the Namibian Home Affairs.


by Andreas Krensel