The Ghana Immigration Service Command in the Western Region conducted an audit in the Oil and Gas sector, whereafter, it issued a Directive in August 2018, which was specifically directed at the Oil and Gas sector.

The Directive stated that employers in the Oil and Gas sector in the Western Region must notify the Ghana Immigration Service Command in the Western Region of all foreign nationals entering Ghana in terms of a Business Visa in order to conduct certain activities, such as training, consultancy services, or maintenance and repairs.

Furthermore, it should be noted that the Directive did not come in the form of a public alert or a press release, resulting in the inference that it may only have been issued to certain companies that were found to be wanting when the audit was conducted.

With the above being said, for purposes of avoiding any issues and to err on the side of caution, we would recommend that all employers in the Western Region provide the following information on assignees currently in Ghana in terms of a Business Visa, as well as those who will subsequently be travelling to Ghana in terms of a Business Visa, irrespective of the activities to be conducted:

  • Name of Ghanaian entity;
  • Full names of assignee;
  • Nationality of assignee;
  • Assignee’s passport number, date of issuance and date of expiry;
  • Assignee’s anticipated arrival and departure dates;
  • Purpose of visit; and
  • Whether an assignee is currently in Ghana or not.

Finally, kindly be advised that there has been no notice to the effect that the above-mentioned Directive would be extended nationwide and/or across other sectors.

However, we urge Ghanaian corporates to monitor the situation in case there are any changes.


by Andreas Krensel