As Namibia and Togo enter in agreement with each other, this means better green pastures for both Namibia and Togo.

Namibia and Togo have signed a memorandum of understanding on Political and diplomatic consultations. The visiting Foreign Affairs Minister of Togo Robert Dussey, signed the agreement in Namibia Windhoek on the 15th of March 2018.

The two countries Namibia and Togo will consult one another on mutual concerns, be it on bio-natural affairs or multi-natural affairs for e.g. it could be at the level of a minister or deputy minister, permanent secretary or deputy director depending on the nature of the situation. If it’s something that needs the attention of the ministers, then they would need to call on an urgent meeting with the Ministers.

The two countries are now working on a structure of how to go about setting up this meetings. Namibia is planning to send expects to Togo, thus they can go set up plants like Namib mils to add value on their maize production. The two countries will also venture in exchange of wildlife in Tourism.

This comes with the great benefit of free visa entry for only Diplomats of both the two countries.


by Dorothy Shithigona