I am happy to announce that IBN Immigration Solutions has opened up a new division for UK inbound visa services. Our new division, IBN UK Immigration, based in Cape Town, is a specialist UK entry clearance and immigration firm assisting with UK Visa and UK nationality applications for customers from across the globe.

The idea was brought to me by Sheldon Labuschagne who was looking for a long-term partner with outstanding brand reputation, organisational commitment on quality of service rather then on sales as well as a strong focus on being a preferred employer.

We met in late 2017. Sheldon Labuschagne has over 14 years of experience in the UK visa industry.

When our path crossed I was very impressed by his professionalism and enthusiasm about his idea to create a service offering which would be unmatched.

We agreed on the principles quickly and I am grateful that he decided to head our new venture as a director.

IBN UK Immigration and it’s website service offering officially launched in late May 2018. 

Have a look here: www.ibn-uk.com

Summary on IBN UK Immigration Services:

IBN UK Immigration’s vision is to be a truly client focused agency. We will only sign on clients where we are convinced that they meet the legal requirements for their desired visa. Our pre-screening process is therefore very thorough. The work experience of our team is so significant that they have a unique brand promise in the UK entry clearance market:

Applicants will not have to pay our service fee if their visa is not issued. No Visa – no fee

We will specialize in UK entry clearance across the African continent. This is in line with IBN overall vision to bring professionals from Africa together.

Please contact IBN UK Immigration for any UK related immigration questions under:



by Andreas Krensel