The COVID-19 pandemic in Kenya continues to rise and has crossed the 5,000-infection mark this week. Government hospitals are now overwhelmed and the presidential directive is that the inter- county travel will only resume once each county can demonstrate their enhanced capability to deal with increased hospitalisation.

Since the curfew was extended from 5am-7pm to 4am-9pm, most businesses have reopened, some albeit on different days but the ability for people to put in a full day in the office is now possible. Some government services have resumed, although not fully, with weekly rotations for employees.

Immigration Services

All immigration services have resumed but the backlog created, because of the lockdown, has severely impacted on the turnaround times. We are not currently able to submit applications directly, as previously done, but need to use a drop box system.

Follow-ups in person are not possible and delays are to be expected, but we will do our best to deliver services for our clients. Working hours at immigration is 9am-1pm Monday to Friday.

Since March 25th, international flights into or out of Kenya remain suspended.  Evacuation flights are being coordinated by various country embassies.

Provisions have been made for foreigners holding a valid work permit to be allowed into the country. Each traveler needs to ensure they have a valid Covid-19 certificate from a recognized lab showing that they are Covid-19 free.

The 14-day quarantine still applies on return to Kenya. This is either in government facilities or in private appointed hotels but at the traveler’s own expense. A list of appointed hotels is available from IBN Kenya office.

IBN Kenya office is open for business.  We are adjusting to what may well be our “new-normal” for the foreseeable future. We so still offer all our services.


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By Jennifer Awori