The 14th of June 2017 represents a milestone for the Italian business community in Cape Town. It was the day that the Italian Ambassador appointed in South Africa – Mr Pier Giovanni Donnici – welcomed the Italian community in his home in Bishopscourt to publicly give his support to the launch of a new Italian business club named CiaoSA.

The idea of a new, fresh and dynamic Italian business club, which would fill the current needs of the growing Italian community and act as a social and business networking platform, was born under the impulse of The Italian Consul in Cape Town – Mr Alfonso Tagliaferri – who was hosting the evening alongside the Ambassador.

In the absence of an Italian Chamber, the Italian businesses established in the Western Cape lacked a centralised platform where they could network and collaborate.

Larger than the French community, who can network via different platforms such as the Alliance Francaise, Cape Acceuil or Cap40, it didn’t make sense that the Italian community could only be found at La Dante by the linguists.

I am proud to say that I was present at the first meeting held at Wesgro last month where the club was conceived and where some members volunteered to work on different aspects of CiaoSA website – virtual at first CiaoSA will also held regular events and functions and even have its own radio station.

I will be one of the regular contributors to the website content and bring my expertise in matters of immigration to South Africa to the service of the Italian community, in the western cape and nationwide as – more than just a ‘local club’ – CiaoSA aims to become the first point of contact to Italian businesses, as well as individuals, present in South Africa or planning to move to South Africa.

Watch this space!

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by Nadia Delport