Over 15 months ago our Andreas and Dirk made the decision to go separate ways. During the past years, our two businesses were increasingly addressing different customers and the strategic decision to grow into Africa was not reflecting Dirk’s market. We officially separated in June 2019 but agreed on a lengthy hand-over period.

IBN had a presence in Stellenbosch since 2003 under the leadership of Dirk Meissner, co-founder and co-director of IBN.

In future the Stellenbosch team will be operating under its incorporated name “Wanderlust“, which indicates the different direction it focusses on, namely on high net-worth individual clients seeking the quality life-style in the Winelands, business opportunities, investments into wine, tourism and hospitality.

Of course, visas and other forms of residence will remain an important service. The team and the office will remain unchanged and continue looking after existing and current clients, just under the new trading name.

You can reach Wanderlust under [email protected] or +27 21 886 7606.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank especially Dirk for 22 years of dedicated service to the IBN brand and to literally thousands of foreign clients who is assisted in settling in South Africa.

We will continue working together.


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By Andreas Krensel