Good news for Kenya!

International travel will resume on the 1st of August 2020. There is no need to be quarantined once you have entered Kenya. It is however mandatory that any individual who enters the country should have a valid COVID-19 certificate that is no older than 7 days to prove that they are COVID-19 free accompanying them. No one will be allowed into Kenya without this certificate. The traveler has to liaise with the particular airline they will be flying on, to obtain a list of approved hospitals where this testing can be done. You can not go to any hospital to do this testing, as only a few are approved and in alliance with the airline. Any certificate obtained from a hospital that is not on the airlines list of approved hospitals, will not be accepted and you will not be able to board your flight.

By now Kenyans are used to their curfew being extended since it was extended last month, and is now being extended again for an additional 30 days. The nightly curfew commenced on the 27th of July 2020 and will extend until the 26th of August 2020. The nightly curfew will be from 21:00pm – 4am daily, and all individuals should be indoors during this time.

Kenyans are called upon to exercise cautious optimism and obey the new regulations that are in place. As of July 27,2020 there are 17,975 confirmed cases of COVID-19 throughout Kenya, with 7,833 recovered patients and 285 related deaths.

Luckily, Kenyans are avoiding non-essential travel within the country and are maintaining social distancing, washing hands, sanitizing and being cautious when interacting with the elderly and those with depressed immune systems. Public gatherings are be banned during this time. Face masks or coverings must always be worn in public and a distance of 1 m (3 ft) from others must be kept at all times. Businesses have been ordered to provide soap and water or an alcohol-based sanitizer at building entryways. Those found in breach of the above measures could face a Sh 20,000 (USD 186) fine or six months of incarceration.

Sunday school and Madrassa will remain closed. A 100 people are allowed in places of worship at any given time, but these worship services are not to last for more than one hour. This will be done in line with strict conformity with all the applicable guidelines and protocols. Public Service Vehicles moving in and out of areas which were previously under cessation will require mandatory certification from the Ministry of Health. The restrictions on political gatherings and any other gathering of that nature are also still in place. This means that the restrictions on wedding and funeral attendance remain the same.

According to a July 7 announcement by CS Magoha, basic educational institutions will reopen January 2021. A gradual reopening of Universities, colleges and schools are planned to take place from September 1 after meeting strict COVID-19 regulations.

In regards to submitting applications, we are having delays on all applications that are awaiting approval as well as the issuance thereof. The most challenging applications has been the of the alien ones because we have to drop the forms in a drop box no later than 7:30am. You then have to wait for immigration to call you to go for your fingerprints. We have found that it takes an average of 2 weeks to 1 month in order for you to get the phone call.

As soon as we have any updates or new announcements we will update you.

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By Angelique Wernich