With the economic uncertainty all over, Namibia has been one of those the countries individuals have been looking at for a bit of stability and resulting in an influx of potential migrants visiting our borders soon.

But how hard is it, to move to Namibia?

As a country that is just over 26 years into independence, we do not have the grip on how to handle situations wherein foreigners decide to abruptly leave their inhabitants and roots for a country situated in the south west of Africa, best known for its desert that meets the sea, Namibia has a defense mechanism that has been strongly opposed by locals and foreigners alike.

Namibia’s recently amended immigration law has been criticized by foreigners, especially when our first port of call is the Immigration Control Act, Act no.7 of 1993 (“the Immigration Act”) which, among other things, regulates and controls the entry of persons into Namibia.

This Act provides details on who is able to apply for various permits, such as employment permits, study permits and among them is permanent residence in Namibia.

The current regulations are currently not posted on the Ministry of Home Affairs website, such as, “a person should have been living in Namibia for more than 10 years or they have been on a working contract or study visa for 10 years or through good faith of marriage to Namibian for ten years or more.”

Unfortunately such information is not posted on the Ministry of Home Affairs website, but many foreigners will come on work visa or study visa or good faith of marriage. In the past, foreign students and workers could leave the country while their visa documents were being processed and use their receipts to show that they had not overstayed in the country. However the law now requires that they should all have their documents in order before they leave for their countries. The ministry has not made it easy on anyone applying for permanent residents in Namibia, in regards to what should be included.

Moving to, and living in Namibia requires a wealth of up-to-date, trustworthy information on various aspects of Namibian expat life.

Living abroad in Namibia raises a lot of questions such as,

How do I find the best relocation services for moving to Namibia?

Most expats moving to Namibia will settle in the capital, Windhoek, which stands as the social, political, cultural and economic center of the country.

Finding a job in Namibia can be difficult, as the government tends to hire locals over expats because of the country’s high unemployment rate, but they are very open to people that want to come invest in Namibia especially in areas that lack investment such as the as education and health sector among others.

So yes, take the leap of faith but also be wary of the immigration procedure as it may leave a little sting. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance or check out most important Q&A about immigration Namibia.

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by Sonia Kalomo