Mozambique has tightened their reign in terms of work permits and employer obligations

Immigration and Labour officials are now conducting regular audits of employers in certain areas of Mozambique, namely, the Cabo Delgado province.

Employers who have foreign nationals working for them are warned that the correct procedure in terms of obtaining and conducting work with the correct permits are vital.

Recent inspections have indicated that the initial focus is on the mining and construction companies, however, all sectors will be closely monitored.

Fines are issued

Fines are issued to non-compliant employers and workers and in case of repeat offenders such companies may be closed down. The ratio of fines are often determined by the severity of the matter and are case specific as opposed to a set guideline. The Mozambican government will also additionally publish the details of the non-compliant companies and workers in their local newspapers.

Foreign workers who have no work permit and are working will be deported when caught as well as fined.


by Melissa Moses