Namibia has been experiencing escalating Covid-19 infections. With the highest daily average recorded – of 911 cases – each day. The Centre for Disease Control (CDC) has issued a warning to all those traveling to the country, placing it under alert level four.

The global south is amidst a winter, while the north has been warming up a bit and opening up a bit more, allowing a bit more travel. However, The south has moved towards more restrictions and regulations when it comes to traveling in.

“It’s almost was to be expected because of the winter and it is almost as if the Covid-19 is seasonal. What it would now mean is that Namibia needs to be more vigilant,” Gitta Paetzold, CEO of The Hospital Association of Namibia, mentioned.

With the current very high level of covid in Namibia, the CDC has suggested that:

  • People avoid travel to Namibia
  • If you must travel to Namibia, make sure you are vaccinated
  • Even fully vaccinated travellers run the risk of getting and spreading the Covid-19 variants

For more information on Namibia by the CDC, click here. 

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Written by Christian Mpazayabo