In recent developments to our previous article on business visa we just received the following information:

No need for Business Visa for Namibia

No need for Business Visas

No need for Business Visas

In a surprise meeting with the Decision Making Cabinet in Namibia on 24 May 2016 the business visa have been abolished.

This is not only applicable to South Africans but all African nationals as well which fits into the current tendency we have in Africa to improve the ease of business travel.

Dr. Geingob reminded the cabinet in view of Africa day the importance of the liberation between all African brother and sisters and the true Harambee Spirit.

As quoted “African Nations offered refuge to our people, as they fled the brutality of the apartheid system. Many of our young people found shelter in fellow African countries; enabling them to continue with their education, which would in turn, equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to contribute to the development of our country“.

This in-turn resulted in the decision to exempt the visa requirements such as the business visa to all Africans wanting to travel to Namibia with immediate effect. The Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation was instructed to notify all Namibian Missions abroad to carry out this decision swiftly.

The decision will be communicated to The Ministry of Information Communication Technology for media release soon.

What does this mean for you:

South African nationals do not require a business visa prior to travelling to Namibia for business purposes.

Please be aware that the business visa is limited to attending meetings and conferences, if any work is to be conducted a short term work visa should be applied for.



by Teri-Anne Hermans

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