IBN Immigration & Business Solutions was a delegate at the Africa Oil & Power Conference in Cape Town this year.

Only in its second year of existence, the AOP Conference has already gained the reputation of Africa’s platform for energy investment and policy.

This year’s theme, “The Catalysts of Change”, is as ambitious as its name evokes; to change the (Oil & Gas) industry and the African economies.

Judging by the calibre of attendees – from CEOs of major Oil and Gas companies, to senior Government officials and the elite of African oil producing countries – a wind of change is already blowing on the continent.

The strategies of the Governments and the synergies of the industry players which are born today will determine if a strong and empowered Africa remains just a ‘potential’ or becomes a reality.

Already a member of S.A.O.G.A. (the South African Oil & Gas Alliance), IBN was proud to be part of this prestigious audience of the top Oil & Gas companies’ decision makers and high ranking Government officials, all committed to the African continent.

Thank you to AOP’s organizers and to all fellow delegates for such a powerful event and, to conclude on the wise words of the Managing Director of DeltaTek from Nigeria:

“In Africa, competition is good but collaboration is better!”

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by Nadia Delport