Applications submitted at the embassies are to be processed in South Africa

According to informed rumors the Department of Home Affairs is intending to centralise the processing of all applications in Pretoria, South Africa.

This dramatic change is to take place from January 2019 on wards. This would mean that no applications will be processed at the missions any more.

Kindly note: There is no official communication regarding this dramatic change yet.

The reasons for this change for the Department of Home Affairs are twofold. Firstly, it addresses the problem of the different levels of adjudication at the missions. Secondly, it enables the department to withdraw Human Resources from the missions and therefore save costs. It is to be expected that some of the staff will be redeployed to Pretoria.

We think that this change will significantly increase the processing times and therefore require the applicants to even have more time available for submissions. Although, it is quite early to say, we expect that the passports will not be required anymore during the whole process in time. At least this point might be a well received change.

We will monitor this new development and inform you as soon as we have concrete Confirmation of this change as well as some further details.

by Andreas Krensel