Global immigration rules cause a lot of paperwork to South African passport holders applying for a short or long term visa. It might take several weeks or even months until the requested visa is issued. Visa applicants have to expect long waiting periods full of uncertainty regarding their visa status, if they want to spend their holidays in the USA, Spain, Germany, etc.

However, there are still 90 countries that South African citizens can visit without needing a visa. This means that currently 90 countries around the world are either visa-free for South African passport holders or a visa is issued on arrival. However, we advise you to contact the embassy of any country you would like to visit to check the entry requirements before arrival due to the constant change of visa regulations.

Below, you can find the current list of countries which South African passport holders can visit without any visa arrangements beforehand:

List of South African passport friendly countries

Among these countries, IBN Business & Immigration Solutions are able to assist with visa for a short-term visits as well as work permit applications of the following Southern African countries: Botswana – 90 days Mozambique – 30 days Namibia – 90 days Tanzania – 90 days Zambia – 90 days Zimbabwe – 90 days.

If you are interested in a short or long term permit visa to one of these Southern African countries, please contact us HERE.

by Stephanie Stephanie Duscher