The state of emergency in Mozambique has been extended with 30 days, the borders will remain closed with exceptions to investors and for those who have a short term – or long term work permit for Mozambique.
While the embassies are not yet open, all travel visas will be handled by the Ministry of Interior.  In the case that an individual wants to enter Mozambique, a letter requesting entry into the country needs to be sent to the Ministry of Interior, along with the letter they also need to attach a copy of the main page of their passport (front page in book with photo and personal details), work permission/authorisation, commercial license of the client and any other requested documents. If your request to enter Mozambique is approved, the Ministry of Interior will  then issue a travel authorisation letter. This procedure takes an estimated time of 2 weeks to be completed .
The above mentioned information was given by Immigration. All individuals who enters Mozambique will need to be in quarantine for 14 days. Foreigners who are currently within  Mozambique will also be allowed to leave Mozambique following the same procedure.

Our IBN Mozambique office will inform our clients if any other changes are announced.

Please contact your local IBN office representative Karin Burgman for more information.


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By Karin Burgman