Thinking of starting a business in Kenya? You should take some time and familiarize yourself with all the legal requirements you are expected to satisfy in order to start your business in Kenya.

The first thing you must do is to go online and contact us or our branch in Kenya at +254 728 539832 or to find out the kind of permits required to run your business legally. Our consultants are experts in the East African market, and we have a local Kenyan team always ready to assist. Here to explain the necessary documents you require and how to go about getting them. It’s a very important step before registration.

Something to consider is talking to one of our consultants about V.A.T. taxes are charged and should be paid. We can advise you about tax requirements if you are registering a company.

We will share with you 4 legal requirements you require to start a business in Kenya. We can assist you to conduct further research about the particular industry you are planning to join before setting up the business.

 1.) Business Name or Company Registration.

There are two ways you can legally register your business;

  • start by registering your business name, this is ideal if you have a small budget and can’t register a company yet.

You can register individually, as a sole-proprietor or if you are 2 or more people, as a partnership. After you’re done, you will get a certificate of registration for your business and nobody will be legally able to use your business name.

  • Another way would be to register a company if you have a higher budget. This process is done by a certified lawyer. With a good, reliable and experienced lawyer, like us, to handle the matter for you and it should be done in about 2 weeks.

After the lawyer is done, you should have a certificate of incorporation, and for an extra fee, you get a company seal. We can also assist you in getting a Tax PIN certificate for your business.


2.) City Council Business Permit.

Crucial legal requirement to start a business in Kenya, and without it you will not be able to conduct any activity.  The details on the cost depend on the size of your premises and the industry you have chosen to do business in.

3.) Food/ Health-Related Permits.

Health permits are a necessary legal requirement for anyone looking to start a business in an industry that requires health certification such as food, bakery, beverage, salon, etc. As per regulation, a Health Inspector will visit your place of business and after they have inspected your location, you will be certified.

4.) Fire Safety Certificate

All businesses are required to be Fire safety certified. This requires you to have at least a fire extinguisher and any other fire safety requirements a Fire safety inspector will advise you on, based on your business. After the inspection, you will be certified and get a Fire Safety Certificate.

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