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Business visa for South Africa

Business visa for South Africa Foreign investors wishing to set up a business or to invest in an existing business in South Africa have the option of applying for a business visa - temporary residence visa based on own business. This type of visa is issued for up to 3 years at a time and allows the holder to establish and operate their business in the Republic.

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Is purchasing a franchise a way to obtain a Business Visa for South Africa?

Is purchasing a franchise a way to obtain a Business Visa for South Africa? For foreigners to start a new business in a foreign country and purchase of a franchise seems to be a very good idea. Franchises offer a strong brand, a clear proven concept and also target a market. But does the purchase of a franchise qualify the Applicant to apply for a Business Visa?

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The bureaucracy of bringing in foreign labour into Ghana

I have been assisting a number of different corporate clients with short and long term work permits for Ghana this year. Irrespective of the duration of the assignment, the process is more or less similar and rather bureaucratic and expensive.

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Need a Business visa? Get started here…

United Kingdom When applying for a business visa for UK you will be required to complete the online application form, thereafter you must submit the application in person at the visa facilitation centre. A letter from the business or organisation who invited you will have to be submitted. In addition you need to provide proof of any previous dealings with the UK Company that you are visiting. Your hotel booking and flight bookings should be included in your application pack. The processing times are 3 – 4 weeks. […]

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Top 10 facts about permits in Botswana

Top 10 facts about permits in Botswana We have had many queries regarding possible ways to immigrate to Botswana, however, it may not all be as simple as one tends to think.

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South Africa more open to do business with Nigeria(ns)

What is the situation? picture source: freeimages.com South Africa is known to be the leading (study / business prospecting / job search) destination for Nigerians. Obtaining visas, both for South Africans to Nigeria and for Nigerians to South Africa, has been incomprehensibly challenging over the past period. […]

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