Business visa for South Africa

Business visa for South Africa Foreign investors wishing to set up a business or to invest in an existing business in South Africa have the option of applying for a business visa - temporary residence visa based on own business. This type of visa is issued for up to 3 years at a time and allows the holder to establish and operate their business in the Republic.

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Seminar in Johannesburg – Business in Southern Africa

NSBA and the Spanish Chamber of Commerce are delighted to invite you to a breakfast seminar on business opportunities and cross border movement of skilled labour in Southern Africa.

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In our blog-series “WE MADE IT” we introduce our clients and their companies. Usually emigrants and company founders come to South Africa with a vision. At IBN Business & Immigration Solutions we accompany and counsel them to realize their idea. Regularly this process is crowned with success, like the following example of the bakery retail chain “Royal Bavarian Bakery”. Harald Mittag is an associate of the bakery “Artisan Breads” and the retail chain “Royal Bavarian Bakery”. If you have visited the Waterfront you certainly have seen the local store there or even tasted those delicious pastries they offer. IBN: What was the reason you decided to leave your homeland and why was your choice South Africa? Mittag: Everyone who once spent his holiday at the Cape Province might be aware of this feeling. You will be unavoidable fascinated by the overwhelming beauty of this country. The metropolis Cape Town is embedded in a breathtaking landscape. There is an indescribable variety of cultures, different people, dishes and lifestyles. Who wouldn`t want to stay here? Furthermore, I was searching for new challenges while I was planning to leave Germany. In the Cape Province you can combine a high quality of living with the possibility to convert your dedication into actual success. So, by this time I have been living in South Africa for 12 years. […]

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Investing in Western Cape?

As they are one of our professional partners we would like to introduce you Wesgro, the official Destination Marketing, Investment and Trade Promotion Agency for the Western Cape, located in Cape Town. You will get export in growing your business and expanding your investments by a team of qualified experts which are specialised in investment implementation towards strategic sectors around the Western Cape. It’s their investment team’s responsibility to unlock and facilitate opportunities which will maximize the value of your expansion. The proficiency to continually showcase growth potential and highlighting the benefits of developing sectors locally and internationally has been refined over years. […]

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Something to think about… if you are a business owner

Do you own a business? Do you have partners in the business? Did you have to borrow capital to start the business or do you have a loan account? Is there an individual in your business that might fall under the category of a key person? These are all questions you have to ask yourself and if your answer to any one of these is “yes”, then there are a few factors you have to consider in order to ensure that you are covered sufficiently and that the process will run smoothly if the unthinkable happens. If you are in business with one or more partners, it is imperative that you have a buy-and-sell agreement in place. This agreement will ensure that if you or any of your partners pass away or become disabled there are funds available to buy their share in the company. This will guarantee that no unwanted individual can become part of your business due to the fact that they inherited shares in the company. Do you have cover in place for your loan account of borrowed capital? There are products available to ensure that loan accounts and borrowed capital are covered. The composition of this cover will be best determined by your financial advisor. […]

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