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The impact of Covid-19 on Kenya’s economy.

COVID-19 had a very negative impact on Kenya and its economy for the past months. Ever since the lockdown announcement the country had a lot of people loose their jobs and having to do the necessary to keep their families alive, even if this meant stealing to be able to do this! Even though Covid had a bad impact on the economy, we have a few things to look forward too in 2021. Immigration

  • From 1st January 2021 all...
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International travel in a COVID-19 world 

On Wednesday 19 August I participated, as a panelist on behalf of IBN in a webinar on international travel in a COVID-19 world. The other participants were representatives from Wings TravelEriscan and the Spanish, Swiss, Belgian and Italian Chambers of Commerce in South Africa.  With the corona virus keeping the world in its grip, global travel is virtually non-existentAnd while the world waits on a vaccine or to achieve herd immunitywe must find ways to make travel safe again. I watched a news item showing an experiment that Germany...

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From the desk of the CEO

The importance of tourism is evident with plenty of guesthouses available. During our two nights stay only one restaurant and one café was open. The restaurant “The Rude Chef served the most amazing food, trust me, and remained opened for 3 hours in the evening serving Merlot and Sauvignon Rose and a very interesting, strong tea. The café was only open in the afternoon.  From the approximately 20 guest houses on offer, only two were open. On our way back...

Mozambique: COVID-19 and Level-3 State of Emergency

Country-Specific Information As of July 28, 2020, Mozambique has 1,720 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 602 in which the patients have recovered, and 11 deaths. Mozambique’s civil aviation authority has suspended international passenger flights.
The Mozambican Government announced a continuation of the Level-3 State of Emergency until...

State of Emergency extended in Mozambique with 30 days.

The current State of Emergency in Mozambique is supposed to end on June 30. So far, there has been no new announcements by the Government about what measures will put in place from the 1st of July 2020. Our IBN Mozambique office will...

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Africa in the era of uncertainty

Born and raised in the Netherlands, I first visited Southern Africa about 15 years ago. Despite all the warnings and negative perceptions spread by the media, I was struck by the people. Their resilience, creativity and ability to express emotions so freely have always been a true inspiration to me. I decided to make South Africa my home, right after finishing my...

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