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South Africa Immigration Amendment Bill – what can be expected ?

South Africa Immigration Amendment Bill - what can be expected ? I was recently invited by WESGRO (Western Cape Trade Promotion agency) to participate as a speaker at an immigration workshop. During the workshop, Mr Ronny Marhule shared the most recent updates on the Department of Home Affairs plans for the upcoming Immigration Amendment Bill.

Update on the 2014 Immigration Regulations

Much reporting and debate has taken place since the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) introduced the new immigration regulations on 26 May 2014. Everybody was caught unprepared, not only applicants ready to submit their permit applications, but also DHA staff in its various South African offices and missions abroad. Equally unprepared were/are still the offices of the Departments of Trade and Industry (DTI) and Labor (DoL). It appears that DHA considers the regulations as constitutional, technically correct, urgently necessary and morally based. The public has been invited to challenge the Minister of Home Affairs if believing otherwise. Furthermore the approach seems to be that implementation of this new law starts with the promulgation by the President. Preparation of services, training of staff, etc. is to follow. Basically we got a brand new car delivered, only that the wheels and the seats are still missing – and of course the steering wheel! […]

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Critical Skills Work Visa: A chance for South Africa. A chance for international workforce.

As the new Immigration Act has been amended on 22 May 2014, it brought some positive changes which will affect the future development of the economy in South Africa. It clearly declared that people with scarce skills are highly welcomed to work in the country. The National Scarce Skills List already indicated that South Africa is lacking of qualified workforce in certain sectors, especially the engineering sector. 11 of the top 20 scarcest skills in the country are engineering related. Other critical skills listed by the Department of Home affairs include architects, urban planners, auditors, IT-specialists, medical professionals, academics as to mention a few of them. […]

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