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Tanzania may become even more stringent for Work Permit applicants

Tanzania may become even more stringent for Work Permit applicants The Tanzanian immigration landscape is notorious for being inconsistent, time-consuming, expensive and above all, unnecessarily difficult. However, Tanzanian immigration may just become somewhat of a myth when looking at the latest draft notice, which the Tanzanian government intends to implement link to be included, so that readers can have sight of the attached document.

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Recent Australian Immigration Changes

Recent Australian Immigration Changes The Australian Government published several changes in the permanent employer nominated visa program which will be implemented from now onwards until 2018.

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NAMIBIA: Migrating to Namibia

Migrating to Namibia With the economic uncertainty all over, Namibia has been one of those the countries individuals have been looking at for a bit of stability and resulting in an influx of potential migrants visiting our borders soon.

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The Namibian citizenship

A citizen is anyone who is a member of a state while citizenship is the process in which one becomes a member of that state. The Namibian citizenship has been on everyone’s lips since the debate wherein the Ministry of Home Affairs was taken to court by Dutch parents who seemed to understand the Immigration law.

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Visa guide to Lesotho

Lesotho is situated centrally within Southern Africa and with good access to some of the fastest growing industrial and economic areas in the region such as Johannesburg, Pretoria and Bloemfontein in neighbouring South Africa. Lesotho has two official languages — Sesotho and English — and the Basotho greatly appreciate being greeted in their own language. The Sesotho word for “hello” is “khotso”, which translates as “peace”. picture source: http://www.lesothotextiles.com Planning business trip or attending a seminar? Business visas are not created under the Lesotho immigration law. Simply enter Lesotho on a visitors’ visa. The visa is valid for 30 days and is renewable however, it is advisable to travel to Maseru and return as it’s an easier process and no waiting periods. Work visas are issued for two years. Long term work visas are adjudicated by the Department of Home Labour. Once your application has been approved by The Department of Labour you will have to apply at the Department of Home Affairs for a residence permit. Please note these are two different processes which need to be applied for. Processing times for long term visas are at least 2 -4 weeks. […]

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SA new immigration law – review one year after the intoduction

South Africa – the new immigration law – a review one year after the introduction South Africa issued its latest amendment to the Immigration Regulations in May 2014. The main objectives of the updates to the immigration framework are: the protection of jobs for South African nationals (or PR holders) and the attraction of skills and investment needed for the advancement of the economy and South Africa as a whole. 14 months after their introduction, I wish to offer my personal opinion on what is working and what is not working. A new way of submitting all applications – the Visa Facilitation Centre (VFS). Applications submitted in South Africa have to be lodged at VFS. Subsequently the entire application pack will be sent to the Department of Home Affairs in Pretoria for adjudication. No knowledge with regards to the contents can be expected from VFS officials. The organisation functions as a structured and organized ‘mailbox’, captures applicants’ biometric data and eventually facilitates either the endorsement of a visa in the passport or distribution of an official rejection letter. […]

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