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From the founder’s desk – Personal freedom during lockdown and observations on freedom day

After 5 weeks of one of the harshest lockdowns worldwide, South Africa will start opening up to economic activity from 1 May. Although, I was relieved when our president did not extend the hard lockdown in one of his regular TV appearances, I am not sure, if our lives will change at...

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Nigeria Update on COVID-19

Since March 30, Nigeria is also in lockdown, although a partial one. 3 states namely Lagos, Abuja and Ogun were placed in lockdown for 14 days. No international travel is permitted, and all land borders are closed. The above travel restrictions were already announced earlier and came into effect on March 23.

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My fellow South Africans, It is a week since we declared the Coronavirus pandemic a national disaster and announced a package of extraordinary measures to combat this grave public health emergency. The response of the South African people to this crisis has been remarkable. Millions of our people have understood the gravity of the situation.

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