Spousal and life partner visas/permits for South Africa

Spousal and life partner visas/permits for South Africa Spouses of a South African citizens or permanent residents may apply for a life-partner or spousal visa/permit. In terms of the act both married and unmarried partners are considered spouses as long as they can prove the existence of a spousal relationship.

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Visitor visa for South Africa

Visitor visa for South Africa South Africa distinguishes between visa exempt and non-exempt countries. Most European and North American countries are exempt and therefore do not need to apply for a visa before traveling. A visitor visa is simply issued upon arrival. Most visitors receive 90 days, some only 30.

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Nigeria´s new immigration regulations: Control of Movement and Offences and Penalties

Nigeria´s new immigration regulations: Control of Movement and Offences and Penalties Control of Movement and Offences and Penalties A clear emphasis of the Regulations lies within the stronger enforcement of control and more serious consequences in case of infringement of the law.

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NAMIBIA: Migrating to Namibia

Migrating to Namibia With the economic uncertainty all over, Namibia has been one of those the countries individuals have been looking at for a bit of stability and resulting in an influx of potential migrants visiting our borders soon.

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Top 10 facts about permits in Botswana

Top 10 facts about permits in Botswana We have had many queries regarding possible ways to immigrate to Botswana, however, it may not all be as simple as one tends to think.

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Let’s go to Lesotho

How to obtain work authorization in the Mountain Kingdom Lesotho, the land of impressive mountains located within South Africa, is on the move. The country, regularly referred to as the Mountain Kingdom, is known for its friendly people, stable politics (barred the recent outbursts of violence after a short coup) and mind blowing landscapes which offers instant serenity. picture source: http://www.lesothotextiles.com The economy of this small Southern African Kingdom has been steadily growing, slowly but surely, over recent years. Now it is time for more. There are extensive plans to boost the mineral extraction sector and continue work on the immense Lesotho Highlands projects, which is also of importance for South Africa. Phase 2 is being rolled out currently. Parties interested to get involved in all that is happening, whether related to the above-mentioned developments or others, are ready to roll. The well-known ripple effect is anticipated to be notable in Lesotho too. A ripple effect is the growth of a sector other than the one initially and specifically invested in but still felt throughout, for example a boost in demand for local accommodation and entertainment as a result of the presence of many foreign laborers hired to complete the Highlands project. […]

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