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Africa Immigration Series (AIS) – Introducing BOTSWANA

Africa Immigration Series (AIS) - Introducing BOTSWANA Africa Immigration Series (AIS) is a series of articles to be published on our blog frequently. Each article will explore the Africa’s expat mobility landscape and a brief overview of the current economic situation and investment opportunities. Our next country article focuses on Botswana

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Short Term Work Visas in Zambia

‘’Please come in – we shall start processing your application upon entrance’’ Short term work visas are crucial to certain sectors. In order to run operations efficiently, especially in sectors which require scarce expert knowledge, it is essential to be able to bring in specific skilled labor swiftly. picture: nataliecwright.wordpress.com Every extra minute a major piece of equipment is not operational will result in a highly unwelcome loss of revenue. Traditionally short term work visas are relatively easy to obtain and processed significantly faster than long term work permits, the same goes for visas in Zambia. When short term, urgent assignments need to be completed, the visa I would advise one to obtain is therefore a short term work visa. […]

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