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Spousal and life partner visas/permits for South Africa

Spousal and life partner visas/permits for South Africa Spouses of a South African citizens or permanent residents may apply for a life-partner or spousal visa/permit. In terms of the act both married and unmarried partners are considered spouses as long as they can prove the existence of a spousal relationship.

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May my partner join me to Botswana / Zimbabwe / South Africa or Namibia?

The human right to Unity of the Family versus the (lack of) Recognition of Same Sex marriage picture: freeimages.com The clashes between family unity; gay rights; recognition of same sex marriage and immigration legislation have always been interesting. Opposing parties both depose rather clear statements when arguing their case and the friction between the schools of thought is evident. Imagine a situation in which the same-sex (legally married in the USA) spouse of a highly qualified engineer from Los Angeles approaches me, the immigration consultant, with the question: “Can I accompany my husband during his 4-year work assignment to Botswana?” My answer would have to be ‘’no’’. Recognition of gay marriage is, despite the many colourful rainbows we find on Facebook nowadays and the passing of many years since the first legalization of same-sex marriage, far from a global norm.     […]