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Study visa for South Africa

Study visa for South Africa Foreign students wishing to study in South Africa can apply for a study visa. This study visa is valid for the duration of the course for which the applicant has registered. Since the amendments to the Immigration Act in May 2014, there have been a few changes to the study visa.

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Visa guide to Lesotho

Lesotho is situated centrally within Southern Africa and with good access to some of the fastest growing industrial and economic areas in the region such as Johannesburg, Pretoria and Bloemfontein in neighbouring South Africa. Lesotho has two official languages — Sesotho and English — and the Basotho greatly appreciate being greeted in their own language. The Sesotho word for “hello” is “khotso”, which translates as “peace”. picture source: http://www.lesothotextiles.com Planning business trip or attending a seminar? Business visas are not created under the Lesotho immigration law. Simply enter Lesotho on a visitors’ visa. The visa is valid for 30 days and is renewable however, it is advisable to travel to Maseru and return as it’s an easier process and no waiting periods. Work visas are issued for two years. Long term work visas are adjudicated by the Department of Home Labour. Once your application has been approved by The Department of Labour you will have to apply at the Department of Home Affairs for a residence permit. Please note these are two different processes which need to be applied for. Processing times for long term visas are at least 2 -4 weeks. […]

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Important things you need to know when applying for a visa in Botswana

When you want to live in Botswana you need to apply for a visa or a permit. Those are both issued by the Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs. You will need to have medical certificates and radiological reports which are considered as one document and are both valid for 14 days. Good to know is that during your application process the Ministry will not keep your passports. picture source: zinews24.com You can apply for work visas either for a short or for a long time but in case you obtain a long term permit you will also have to apply for a residence permit. The latter (residence permits) are submitted at the Ministry of Home Affairs at the place where you are going to reside in Botswana while work permits are submitted at the Ministry of Labour in Gaborone. […]

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Engagement with the decision makers at Home Affairs

Over the past week I have had the privilege to participate in three information sessions with the Minister of Home Affairs Malusi Gigaba, the Deputy Minister and several other high-ranking Home Affairs officials. I had a chance to speak to the Minister in private on two occasions and have provided him with a paper outlining the top 5 of our major concerns. He seems to me accessible and willing to assist where possible and has promised to consider our concerns. I also engaged with the CEO and COO of Visa Facilitation Services SA (VFS) and provided them with practical solutions to some of VFS’s challenges. During two of these sessions we were the only pure immigration provider taking part, however the immigration departments of EY and Deloitte were also present. During the first discussion last week Wednesday with large multinationals many issues were raised. […]

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