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WE MADE IT! – Introducing Stéphane Rogovsky

Various experiences from our former clients have given us a different view/perspective on South Africa as a whole. It has also given us an understanding of their experiences and reasons as to why they migrated to South Africa. As part of our monthly series ‘WE MADE IT,’ we have interviewed Stéphane Rogovsky who migrated from Belgium we look into their good and bad experiences so as to have an insight of their overall sentiments regarding their migration. IBN: What made you decide to relocate and why did you choose South Africa? Stéphane Rogovsky Stephane: I already knew Johannesburg quite well because I have many friends and clients over    here. With my South African part of the business growing and having already many friends in South Africa, the decision was quite natural. IBN: How long have you already lived in South Africa? Stephane: I have been coming back and forth over the last two years and a half but I really settled in Johannesburg in February 2014. IBN: What do you do in South Africa? […]

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WE MADE IT! – introducing “Home Concept”

As part of our Blog-series “WE MADE IT” we present clients and their businesses. Often they are emigrants and entrepreneurs that come with a vision to South Africa. We at IBN accompany them in making their ideas come true. Regularly this ends in success like the following example of “Home Concept” shows. Evi and Jochem Elsner from ”Home Concept” which creates beautiful living concepts provided for our interview series WE MADE IT and report about their development in South Africa: IBN: What did you bring to leave your home and why did you choose South Africa? Evi & Jochem: For us home is where you want to live. South Africa offers besides stunning beauty a big potential in development. A country in departure, that opens many possibilities to expansion. Germany was too regulated to us. IBN: For how long are you living in South Africa? Evi & Jochem: In June it is going to be 13 beautiful years. […]

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In our blog-series “WE MADE IT” we introduce our clients and their companies. Usually emigrants and company founders come to South Africa with a vision. At IBN Business & Immigration Solutions we accompany and counsel them to realize their idea. Regularly this process is crowned with success, like the following example of the bakery retail chain “Royal Bavarian Bakery”. Harald Mittag is an associate of the bakery “Artisan Breads” and the retail chain “Royal Bavarian Bakery”. If you have visited the Waterfront you certainly have seen the local store there or even tasted those delicious pastries they offer. IBN: What was the reason you decided to leave your homeland and why was your choice South Africa? Mittag: Everyone who once spent his holiday at the Cape Province might be aware of this feeling. You will be unavoidable fascinated by the overwhelming beauty of this country. The metropolis Cape Town is embedded in a breathtaking landscape. There is an indescribable variety of cultures, different people, dishes and lifestyles. Who wouldn`t want to stay here? Furthermore, I was searching for new challenges while I was planning to leave Germany. In the Cape Province you can combine a high quality of living with the possibility to convert your dedication into actual success. So, by this time I have been living in South Africa for 12 years. […]

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WE MADE IT! – Introducing “Cape Town 4×4 Trailer Hire”

As part of our monthly series „WE MADE IT!“ we have interviewed Diana Beate Lingg und Fred Diehl – the owners of ‘Echo Trailer Hire’ and ‘German Gluehwein’. IBN: What made you decide to relocate and why did you choose South Africa? Diana & Fred: We always knew that one day we will spend our retirement somewhere in a warm country. The idea was to choose a country like Portugal, may be Madeira … I (Diana) became very sick with my back and in 2007 / 2008 we needed to close our Catering Service in Heidelberg. In the same time we were invited by a friend to visit South Africa. So we went to Struisbaai / Cape Agulhas for 3 weeks. After one more stay of 5 weeks and around 10.00 km of travelling the Western Cape we decided that’s it. Its warm (mostly), we get a lot of value for our money and we’ve got all the wonderful places and National Parks to visit. In September 2008 we took the chance and immigrated as (Early) Pensioners. IBN: How long have you already lived in South Africa? […]

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Top 5 of the latest WE MADE IT! Stories

We are always very happy if we can help our clients with their successful ambitions in South Africa. Here are the Top 5 of the latest success stories of the past months: 1. SCHWARZBROTGOLD german breadhouse Dr. Ralph Hensel successfully established a German bakery in South Africa. He needed work and residence permits for his german bakers. Dr. Ralph Hensel himself achieved to gain a permanent residence permit. Click HERE to read the entire interview […]

WE MADE IT! – Introducing Helen Cox

As part of our monthly series WE MADE IT! we start the new year with this great interview introducing the lovely Helen Cox originally from Australia which made it in South Africa. IBN: What made you decide to relocate and why did you choose South Africa? Helen: I came to South Africa to contribute to research work around tuberculosis (TB). I am an epidemiologist specializing in TB and I’m originally from Australia. However, there isn’t a lot of TB in Australia and Cape Town is really the place to do good TB research, as well as a great place to live! IBN: How long have you already lived in South Africa? Helen: I’ve lived in South Africa for 5 and a half years now. IBN: What do you do in South Africa? Helen: I spent the first 5 years in South Africa working in a TB programme in Khayelitsha for the medical aid agency Doctors Without Borders. Just recently I’ve moved to the University of Cape Town to continue more specialized research on the epidemiology of drug-resistant TB. IBN: What makes your business idea special/what sets you apart? […]

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