IBN UK Immigration Services are expert UK Visa Consultants in South Africa and Kenya, assisting clients across the globe. We handle all UK Visa Categories / UK entry clearance applications specifically, which means that all legislation and processes are UK focused within the agency. At IBN the focus is on client’s needs, ensuring that clarity and a high-quality service is experienced throughout the application process.

Working in the Immigration business sector one can often get side tracked by the legal and heavily administrative aspects of the business, however client satisfaction and granted visa / resident permit applications are the hallmarks of success in our profession.

With this being said, not every application is granted, not every client is a dream to work for whatever reason, be it language or culture barriers and at times we share in the disappointment and despair of our client’s rejected applications.

A reminder to myself when I experience these obstacles in my occupation is to continue offering great client service regardless of the outcome.

One of my favourite Entrepreneur’s Richard Branson, listed 5 key things about Client Service which I believe can be adapted and applied to any business (even though I am certain this is common practice), I’ve listed them below:

  1. Continually Ask Yourself, “Is This How I Would Want to Be Treated if I Were the Client?”

An endless stream of client requests may make it seem as if clients are faceless beings with no emotion. It’s easy to put service toward client’s on autopilot. But your clients are not faceless beings, they’re real people; it’s important you treat them like that.

  1. Don’t Promise What You Can’t Deliver and Deliver Everything Your Promise

When it comes to romantic relationships, honesty is routinely listed as one of the top priorities. Honesty is also valued when it comes to your business/customer relationship.

Make sure your team is honest with Clients, keeping them informed on what can and cannot be done.

Being honest and keeping your Client’s expectations realistic, will enable you to have a positive relationship with your customers. If you keep your word and deliver what you’ve promised, your business will do well.

  1. It’s All About the Details

Branson encourages entrepreneurs to carry around a notebook at all times. This way, they can jot dot notes whenever they notice a small detail about their business.

Knowing all the details will make a huge impact with client service.

Knowing the details about your business can also create a delightful experience for Client’s. By offering related details about the request, client’s will feel be more pleased with your service and more willing to recommend you to their friends.

  1. Lead by Listening

As discussed earlier, communication is key to success. Whether it’s communication between you and your team or with a Client, clear communication will make everyone more comfortable. This starts by listening. Leaders listen. Listen not only to your clients’, but your team. Strong communication starts at the top.

If employees know you’re listening to them, they’ll be more confident to communicate with you. Listening can help nip small problems in the bud, like an inefficient process, rather than let them fester into larger problems down the line.

  1. Create Value in the World

Different people find value in different things, depending on who you are and what your situation is. Value doesn’t necessarily mean creating a world-changing business.

People find value in small things like speed of response, accuracy in answers, and empathy towards their problem.

A Client service Advisor’s sole focus should be to create amazing value for the customer, through their first-rate customer experience. Like I previously mentioned, quick and detailed responses can make the client walk away feeling good.

Our Client Feedback

IBN UK Immigration has experienced a successful August 2018 and some great feedback from clients, which I have included below:

“Thank you, Sheldon. And thank you for the constant follow ups, immediate responses and professionalism. I will definitely let you know. Best regards” Karlien Matthysen

“Hey Natalie, Thank you once again for everything, and apologies for the hysterical weeping call yesterday! It was such an overwhelming mix of relief and grief combined.” Hayley Ross – Ancestry Visa “And I am THRILLED that I have you moving this all forward!”

“From the bottom of both me and Terry’s hearts – thank you so much for your incredible support, the advice, continuous follow ups! We are overwhelmed with joy after this journey we started exactly 6 months and 1 day ago since we applied for the vault certificates. Your tremendous service has been impeccable – thank you so, so much again.” Terry and Amorie Patrick – Ancestry Visa

“Based on the service provided and the fact that your response times were far better than other agencies contacted I will be going ahead with your service, please send the required t’s and c’s to do so”. Dale Strobel.

Another reminder to myself, is that we are only as good as our previous successful submission and going forward I intend to focus on the successes as well as the learnings because in my mind, it’s always about creating the opportunity and outcome our clients are after and of course, leaving them with great peace of mind.

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by Natalie Magerman