Except from visitor’s visas, the High Commission of Zambia in Pretoria is not allowed to accept submissions for any other type of visa or permit, including employment permits.

Applications can only be submitted from within Zambia. Recently there has been some turmoil around an announcement made that Zambia would no longer allow immigration practitioners to submit and follow up visa and permit applications on behalf of clients.

This has now been explained to the public as a situation where only a limited number of registered immigration practitioners can act on behalf of their clients. These practitioners have to meet a number of requirements and be registered with the national immigration practitioner’s association.

This anti-corruption measurement wipes out a wide range of unregistered and illegal practitioners that used to submit and follow up applications on behalf of their foreign clients.

 IBN Business & Immigration Solutions works with local partners based in Zambia who are fully registered and still fully authorized to submit and follow up applications on your behalf.

In need of a visa or permit for Zambia? come to us. We know how to get it done.

By Nkosi

Nkosi Nkala