One of the most simple and most important questions in the recruitment world is to use an agency or not… we think it’s our duty to be completely honest and to take a look at the pro’s and con’s of the external recruitment assistance. There are two sides on this scale – the employee and the employer.

For the employee it is an absolute advantage! It’s completely cost free for our candidates to send a CV and to come for an interview. The wide and diverse range of our job database gives the jobseeker a chance for choosing the best company, the best environment and professional advice and information from the consultant. Consultants are not just recruiters – we are here to say no when we think you are making a wrong decision, give you tips and advice – I am not here to find you a job – I am here to find you a career….

For the employer – a bit different because there are some fees involved. However, in most of the cases it is a myth that the employers will save money by conducting the recruitment process themselves. Think about this properly! Recruitment takes a lot of time: writing a job specification and an advert, choosing where to advertise the job vacancy, speaking with the advertising mediums to agree the cost for advertising, searching for CVs on job boards, or looking through social media websites, sifting through all CV applications (which can be in the hundreds, if not thousands in some cases), arranging interviews, taking references, managing job offers, ensuring an employee turns up for work on day 1. The cost you pay to a recruitment agency is inclusive of all these costs; a good recruitment agency makes recruitment simple and easy for all parties. It actually does nothing else but saves time! Doing this work for 12 hours a day, 5 days a week for 48 weeks of the year – think about how much more easily and effectively a recruiter can attract the best talent. These are the ones who will bring the company such good talent, that the ROI will be times more than expected! And as additional advantage – companies get the best advertising among the jobseekers through word of mouth via the recruitment agencies.

SO – are you thinking about using an agency? …. Didn’t think so!