Firstly, Congratulations on obtaining your Permanent Residence in South Africa. As this is quite an exciting time for you, IBN wishes to inform you of the top 5 things to think of once you have received your Permanent Residence.

Below are our top 5 things to know:


  1. Know and understand the conditions on you Permanent Residence Certificate – Your IBN consultant will explain the conditions to you upon as well as how to comply with these conditions when handing over your certificate.
  2. Apply for your South African ID book – This should be your first and most important step after obtaining Permanent Residence. Please note, obtaining an ID book does not grant you citizenship nor does it allow for you to obtain a South African passport.
  3. Inform your bank that you have obtained Permanent Residence in order for them to update your account. If you have already received your ID book, take this along with you for them to add your new ID number to your account. It is advisable to update all South African institutions of your new status e.g. SARS.
  4. You may also convert your international driver’s license to a South African one. Once you have obtained your Permanent Residence, you have 5 years to do so. Having a South African ID book makes this process much easier too.
  5. Always keep your original Permanent Residence certificate safe, you will be required to travel with your original. Make a few certified copies to keep in the event it gets lost or stolen. Remember, your Permanent Residence certificate will only be issued to you once so please ensure that you guard it dearly.

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by Melissa Moses