Effective May 7th, 2018, the Federal Ministry of Interior, will launch an online service which will address all avenues of operations and work flow that will commentate on the Citizenship and Business Department of the Ministry of Interior. Foreign Nationals and Nigerians can anticipate some ramifications from this launch. For example, companies must create application file numbers and verification codes to access the online application process.

Please note, these changes will affect; Existing businesses, who now must register all their business information on the online service. State and non-governmental entities who seek to employ foreign nationals in Nigeria, through the establishing grant. Foreign companies who conduct business in Nigeria, through the business permit.

All new, supplementary and renewed quotas; as well as quota withdrawals, stay of action and monthly quota returns. The Citizenship process whether through, registration, naturalization, renunciation, or other special immigrant status as well as confirmation, must be made aware of this online service. Marriage licenses and religious organizations legal marriage practice licenses are also expected to make use of the online system, come May 7th, 2018.

Bloomberg law practice, an immigration solutions provider in Nigeria warns companies and foreign nationals that this online service, “will slow down the issuance of the grant and renewal of the Expatriate Quota Applications.” Its important for all companies and Foreign Nationals to make timely submissions of their immigration applications to avoid delay. It is also encouraged to keep expatriate quotas current and valid.

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by Lynn MacKenzie