For our monthly series “We made it!”, in which we share our clients success stories in South Africa we bring you an exciting one-on-one with Boris Leyck , the CEO of BODYTEC and welcome you to a new fitness generation! BODYTEC YOUR TIME, YOUR FITNESS

IBN: What made you decide to relocate to South Africa? Boris: The Soccer World Cup in 2010 in South Africa inspired me to make this step. I decided it was time to leave the corporate world behind and start my own thing in South Africa. IBN: How long have you lived in South Africa? Boris: I have lived here since January 2007. IBN: What do you do in South Africa?

Boris: I am the owner and manager of Bodytec, a fitness studio designed around an innovative and technologically advanced concept. We are based in Cape Town, but we also have an office in Johannesburg and new locations are coming up soon. We also offer a proven franchise concept.

IBN: What makes your business idea special/ what sets you apart?

Boris: The Bodytec concept is based on personal fitness training with electro muscle stimulation (EMS). This is a new successful technology from Germany, which allows to achieve great fitness results in only a fraction of time compared to conventional training methods. The technology was originally developed by Miha Bodytec in Augsburg, Germany.

IBN: What was your experience with setting up a business in South Africa?

Boris: The whole administrative part of the set-up was easy. The difficult part was the relocation. It is much easier to relocate after one has already lived here for a while because then one is much better informed about how things work.

IBN: How was the IBN team able to assist you in reaching your goals?

Boris: IBN offered great assistance with the company set up, the various administrative tasks and helped to obtain all the necessary business documentation. The process was smooth and all consultation delivered in my mother tongue. For me it was important that the terms and conditions at IBN are presented in both English in German, which is very helpful.

IBN: How would you rate IBN services and what could have been done more to your liking?

Boris: I was absolutely happy with the service offered.

IBN: How is life in South Africa different from your home country and what do you like most about South Africa?

Boris: The freedom that one can still experience here! In the first 6 months I used to get annoyed about things not functioning properly, but after the 6 months I realised that one can still enjoy a lot of freedom here. And of course I love the weather.

IBN: What do you miss most from home?

Boris: Good draft beer/Pils, real seasons, the speed and vibe of European business as the rhythm here is quite different. I would also miss the contact with German partner.

IBN: What advice would you give to people thinking about moving and/or setting up a business in South Africa?

Boris: I would definitely advise newcomers to talk to people who are already here and to use the IBN platform.