For over 20 years, IBN has become a trusted leading and award winning immigration service provider in South Africa. Our services range from consulting and identifying the most effective and practical immigration solution for corporations and their assignees – as well as private individuals – offering efficiency and peace of mind.

IBN Immigration advises potential customers during consultations to find the best immigration solution to each specific case, takes charge of the collection of required documents, prepares the necessary applications, assists with the submissions and follows-up on the progress with the relevant authorities until the visas are issued. IBN also proactively manages possible extension and departure process. We make sure that the assignees and their families are compliant with local immigration requirements at all times.

As every corporate customer has a specific internal process, we do our best to dedicate one staff member as key account manager to a specific client. We have successfully built long term relationships with highly satisfied multi-national corporations, testifying of our high standards of personal service. Amongst our corporate customers are some leaders in the motor industry, energy, telecommunications and financial sectors.

IBN’s flexible and tailor-made approach means that we are able to service large corporations as well as private individuals and their families. We know that immigrating and relocating can be very stressful for the individual and his/her family and we do our utmost best to deliver a personal and warm service, allowing you to focus on your business.

By belonging to prestigious immigration networks, IBN Immigration is bound by their professional Codes of Conduct and Ethics; their acceptance of IBN as one of their peers is a vouch of confidence. Being a member of highly reputable professional Associations gives IBN access to very valuable platforms for the acquisition of expert knowledge and the opportunity to network amongst the very best in the industry.

Via our international network of professional partners our reach has no frontiers and your business sees no boundaries. IBN´s professional networking partners are best in class and due to our long lasting relationship with well respected immigration practitioners who can offer you individual attention, tailored and cost effective immigration solutions for most major business destinations on the globe.

Depending on your physical location at the time and your preference, we will either put you directly in contact with the networking partner who specializes in the country of your destination, after a formal introduction from our part; or we will handle the immigration case at our IBN offices in conjunction with our partner in-country but you will deal with us directly and thereby avoid the possible cultural or language barrier.

Whichever way you decide to go, you will benefit from our access to our in-country partner and our proximity and personalized service.