Persons wishing to take up employment in South Africa can apply for a work visa in one of the following categories:

Different Work visas for South Africa:

Intra-company transfer work visa allows an employee to be transferred from an overseas branch to a South African branch for a period not exceeding 4 years. The application process for this type of visa is a straightforward one. However, an intra-company visa cannot be renewed, meaning the applicant will need to leave South Africa afterwards (unless in specific circumstances) and is therefore only applicable for those requiring 4 years or less for work abroad.

A critical skills work visa can be applied for by applicants who are in possession of critical skills that would benefit the South African environment in which one wishes to take up employment. The applicant will need to present a letter from the South African Qualifications Authority or SAQA confirming his/her skills or qualifications. Furthermore, an application for membership for the appropriate South African professional body needs to be submitted. A critical skills visa is normally issued for 5 years.

If the above are not applicable, a general work visa application will apply. A general work visa requires that the employer of the foreigner has made every attempt to fill the vacant position with either a South African citizen or permanent resident. Due to the pre-requisite of consulting the Department of Labor, this GWV can take substantially longer and must be seen as a last option. General work visas are typically issued for up to 5 years and are renewable.

Spouses/partners are allowed to travel with the applicant of the work visa, but will not be allowed to work themselves.

Corporate visas are applicable in cases where an employer wishes to employ a large number of foreign workers in a limited time period. The initial process to register the company is long and intricate, but thereafter rather simple for each employee, thus a corporate visa should only be considered should applicants require many foreign employees over a certain time period.

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